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Oura Ring review: How to optimise deep sleep stages

Burning out as an entrepreneur? Many top performers struggle with sleep. Explore how the Oura Ring can be your solution to a rejuvenated rest.

Jorn Kirkels
10 minutes
August 16, 2023

Are you an online entrepreneur, hustling every day, burning the midnight oil, only to find yourself drained? You're not alone. High achievers across industries, from E-commerce to SaaS, often grapple with suboptimal sleep, and that's where the Oura Ring steps in. This article dives deep into the world of sleep tracking, focusing primarily on sleep algorithms and the increasingly popular Oura Ring.

The life of an online entrepreneur is often romanticized. The freedom to set your own hours, to work from the comfort of your home or a sunny beach, and the ability to build something of your own. Yet, behind the scenes, it's filled with late nights, endless tasks, and the constant pressure to stay ahead of the curve. This hustle culture, celebrated by many, can lead to burnout, fatigue, and subpar sleep patterns which can severely impact productivity and overall well-being. For many high achievers spanning sectors from E-commerce to SaaS, the challenge isn't just getting enough sleep but ensuring its quality. Enter the Oura Ring - the trendy piece of wearable tech that promises not just to track your sleep but to help enhance its most restorative phases.

In recent years, the importance of sleep for cognitive function, emotional well-being, and physical health has been well-documented. Gone are the days when sleep was considered merely a passive activity. Today, we understand that the various stages of sleep, especially the deep sleep stage, play crucial roles in memory consolidation, tissue growth and repair, immune system strengthening, and more.

But how can someone, especially a busy entrepreneur, ensure they're maximising their deep sleep potential? And how reliable are the various sleep trackers on the market? This review will dive into the intricate algorithms of the Oura Ring, shedding light on its accuracy, features, and benefits. If you're someone who's been sacrificing quality sleep in the name of success or simply someone curious about optimising your nightly rest, read on to discover how the Oura Ring might just be the game-changer you've been waiting for.

Why Track Your Recovery and Sleep Stages?

With entrepreneurship's relentless pace, monitoring one's physical and mental health has become paramount. For online entrepreneurs, especially in niches like Ecommerce, coaching, and SaaS, the constant quest for optimization isn’t limited to their businesses. It extends to their daily routines, productivity, and health. Tracking your recovery and sleep stages becomes the compass for navigating the tumultuous sea of business challenges. It's about achieving excellence in health, mirroring the authenticity and integrity entrepreneurs instil in their ventures.

How Accurate Is the Health and Fitness Tracking?

In the realm of health tracking devices, accuracy is the gold standard. The Oura ring, often a subject of admiration in many an Oura ring review, stands out for its precision. The credibility of the Oura ring's technology has been reinforced by its evaluation in legitimate clinical trials, with findings published in esteemed, peer-reviewed medical journals - the zenith in product research standards.

In an illustrative clinical trial documented in the Behavioral Sleep Medicine journal, the proficiency of the Oura ring was juxtaposed with that of polysomnography. This latter tool is the gold standard in the medical sphere for diagnosing a plethora of sleep disorders. Typically, when patients partake in a "sleep study", it's this very polysomnography technique that medical professionals employ to gauge sleep quality.

This clinical trial, based on our assessment, was meticulously designed. The results were commendable for the Oura ring. A comparative analysis revealed the following:

  • The Oura ring boasted a 96% accuracy in pinpointing sleep, when benchmarked against polysomnography.
  • It demonstrated 48% accuracy in identifying periods of wakefulness.
  • The device and polysomnography showed a 65% consensus in detecting "light sleep."
  • They shared a 51% commonality in identifying periods of "deep sleep."
  • A 61% agreement was observed in the detection of REM sleep phases.

A riveting observation from this trial was the notable data variance when the Oura ring was adorned on the ring finger. As a result, users might ponder wearing it on alternate fingers for improved accuracy.

Fast forward to a comprehensive medical review in 2021, it shed light on the Oura ring's evolved precision in its subsequent models. Through this research, it became evident that amalgamating diverse biometric datasets from the Oura ring facilitated a more nuanced tracking of sleep parameters. A case in point: the combined utilization of accelerometer, temperature metrics, heart rate variability, and circadian feature data elevated the accuracy of REM sleep detection to an impressive 90.87%. This metric was a substantial leap from the 61% consensus cited in the prior study.

Further deepening the comparative perspective, an article in the Sensors journal embarked on an exploration of the precision of six commercial biometric gadgets, including the Oura ring, Apple Watch, Garmin Forerunner, Polar Vantage, WHOOP, and Somfit.

What is an Oura Ring?

In the realm of health tracking devices, the Oura ring has emerged as a standout player. It's not just another fitness tracker. Think of it as a smart ring designed for the new age entrepreneur. But what exactly is it? Let's dive deep.

The Oura ring is a sleek, titanium-made piece of wearable tech that's about the size of a regular ring. It comes in various finishes, including a chic rose gold, making it both a style statement and a health powerhouse. But what sets the Oura ring apart from other health tracking devices isn’t just its form factor, but also its focus on comprehensive sleep tracking.

For entrepreneurs who've spent countless hours on their business, often compromising sleep quality, understanding their sleep stages is crucial. Sleep isn't just about closing your eyes and drifting into dreamland. It's the final stage of a complex cycle, an intricate dance of brain waves and body functions, ensuring both our physical and mental health remain at their peak.

Now, when we talk about sleep, we're talking about various stages. There's REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and there's deep sleep. There are also other phases, like NREM sleep. Oura ring focuses intently on these cycles, tracking each sleep stage meticulously with infrared LEDs that measure blood volume pulse directly from the palmar arteries of the finger. This ensures that data on your REM sleep stage or your deep sleep is precise and actionable.

But the Oura ring doesn’t stop there. With temperature sensors embedded, it can track variations in your body temperature throughout the night, giving insights into potential health issues or indicating changes in your environment that may be affecting your sleep. For instance, an increase in body temperature might indicate the onset of an illness, allowing for proactive health decisions.

Entrepreneurs can benefit significantly from this data. A fluctuating body temperature during first sleep cycle can affect sleep quality, and poor sleep quality can lead to reduced productivity, brain fog, and other challenges during the day. Monitoring these temperature changes can therefore be a critical tool in optimizing performance.

Furthermore how much rem sleep well, the Oura ring also measures blood oxygen levels, ensuring that your body is getting the essential oxygen it needs during your slumber. Blood oxygen plays a pivotal role in ensuring the health of your red blood cells and, by extension, your overall wellbeing.

Do Oura Rings Actually Work?

The simple answer is a resounding yes. However, like any tracking device, its efficiency is intertwined with how one interprets and acts on the sleep data. At Peakclub, we've integrated the Oura ring into our Quantified-Self System™, offering a holistic view of your health based on various biomarkers.

How Does the Oura Ring Compare to Other Health Tracking Devices?

In today's digital age, health and wellness tech has permeated nearly every facet of our lives. From wristbands to watches, the market is teeming with devices promising to optimize our health. But as any seasoned entrepreneur knows, not all tech is created equal. The quest for the best often boils down to the details—accuracy, functionality, durability, and user experience. The Oura ring, with its distinctive design and high-precision metrics, is undeniably a formidable contender. But how does it stack up against the heavyweights in the health tracking domain? As we delve into this section, we'll juxtapose the Oura ring against some of its fiercest competitors to give you a comprehensive understanding of its unique offerings and value proposition. Whether you're an eCommerce mogul, a SaaS innovator, or an online coaching expert, equipping yourself with the right health insights can be the difference between good and peak performance. Let's navigate this comparative terrain together.

Fitbit versus Oura Ring

Fitbit, a brand that has become synonymous with fitness tracking, has built its reputation on tracking physical activity to the minutest detail. From steps taken to calories burned, Fitbit devices are tailored for those who seek an extensive overview of their daily exertions. The platform's ecosystem is also bolstered by its ability to set fitness goals, partake in challenges, and even receive guided workouts. These features resonate particularly well with a user base that's keen on gauging their daily physical milestones.

However, when it comes to sleep insights, the Oura ring shines the brightest. While Fitbit does offer sleep tracking, the Oura ring delves deeper, particularly focusing on sleep quality and a unique readiness score. This score not only evaluates the quantity of sleep but also its restorative qualities, ensuring you wake up feeling well-rested and ready to conquer the day's challenges. Oura's sleep data is curated specifically to guide users in comprehending and improving their sleep habits, making it an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs and high achievers seeking optimal performance.

Whoop versus Oura Ring

Whoop, often sported by professional athletes, has carved its niche in tracking workout intensities and recovery periods. The standout feature of Whoop is its nuanced approach to workout heart rate tracking, giving users insights into their strain and recovery. It allows fitness enthusiasts to understand when they're pushing their limits and when it's crucial to rest. Such insights are particularly beneficial for those tailoring their workouts for peak physical performance.

On the flip side, Oura the sleep tracker provides a holistic picture of one's sleep health, transcending the basic REM and NREM tracking. Oura's sleep score is a culmination of several metrics, including breathing regularity, disturbances, and overall sleep quality. This comprehensive assessment empowers users with actionable insights, ensuring they can make the necessary tweaks to their routine to enhance bothNote: Ensure a holistic approach to health by consulting with a health professional alongside using health tracking devices.

Apple watch versus Oura ring

Few can argue against the versatile utility of the Apple Watch. Beyond the basic time-telling function, this device stands as a behemoth of functionalities ranging from texting, making calls, to even tracking blood oxygen levels and heart rhythms. Its health metrics are complemented by a wide range of third-party apps, giving users flexibility in curating their health and wellness journey.

Yet, where the Apple Watch casts a wide net, the Oura ring zooms in with laser focus on sleep and recovery. Unlike the jack-of-all-trades approach, the Oura ring stands centres its capabilities around sleep and readiness. With in-built body temperature sensors, the Oura ring offers granular insights into one's sleep stages and how different factors like room temperature or late-night workouts might be impacting the quality of shut-eye. For those who recognize the paramount importance of sleep in cognitive function, mood regulation, and overall well-being, the Oura ring presents itself as the more tailored choice.

Garmin versus Oura ring

Garmin, traditionally known for its GPS technology, has made significant inroads into the fitness tracking arena. Their devices, which often cater to hardcore fitness enthusiasts and athletes, offer detailed fitness trackers with insights into physical activity, heart rate zones, and even stress levels. Garmin's sleep tracking offers insights into sleep stages and even Pulse Ox, which measures blood oxygen levels.

While Garmin provides a holistic health tracking experience, the Oura Ring's laser-focused approach to sleep gives it an edge in this domain. The readiness score, derived from various metrics, offers a unique perspective into one's overall sleep health, a feature that Garmin currently does not replicate.

How Does the Oura Ring 3 Work?

The latest Oura ring generation brings four more temperature sensors, tracking changes in your body temperature to assess sleep efficiency. Additionally, its battery life has significantly improved past few months, making it the ideal companion for entrepreneurs on the move.

  1. Deep Sleep Monitoring: Deep Sleep is the golden goose of restfulness. Oura Ring's advanced sensors dig deep into your sleep stages to provide insights on how you can enhance this crucial phase. As the night's moments unfold, it carefully examines how often and how deeply you're diving into the restorative world of deep sleep.
  2. Personalised Feedback: Tailored to your unique bio-rhythms, Oura Ring 3 gives feedback that resonates. No more one-size-fits-all advice. This is personal, like your personal nutrition coach Stephan Krijger mapping out a meal plan based on your individual biomarkers.
  3. Actionable Insights: The goal of Oura isn’t just to provide data but to offer actionable advice. Whether it’s suggesting a pre-sleep routine or hinting at the perfect bedtime to optimize your sleep cycles, it's like having Jamar Tayha, our sleep coach, whispering the golden rules of restful nights into your ear.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider the Oura Ring 3:

For many, the hours spent scrolling through non-fiction books, listening to the latest podcasts from industry leaders like Dave Asprey or Ben Greenfield, learning skills, and fine-tuning their physical aesthetics have left them yearning for that one missing piece. The Oura Ring 3 might just be that piece.

After all, even with the best routines, supplements, and productivity apps, if you're not starting your day with a battery at 100%, scaling your business and smashing those monthly profits becomes a Sisyphean task.

Does Oura Ring have a monthly fee?

The basic Oura app comes free with the ring, but premium features come with a fee, offering deeper sleep insights.

Is there any long-term irritation or danger from wearing a smart ring?

Smart rings, including the Oura, are designed with safety in mind. While some may experience initial discomfort, it's typically transient.

On which finger should I wear the Oura ring generation 3?

For optimal temperature sensors' functioning and accurate sleep data, the ring fits best on the index or middle finger.

How to increase deep sleep & REM sleep stages

Deep sleep is vital for physical recovery, while the REM stage enough sleep is where most dreams occur, involving high brain activity. Enhancing these sleep stages can drastically improve physical and mental health.

What is a sleep cycle?

A sleep cycle encompasses the various stages of sleep, from light to deep and finally, the REM stage. For the entrepreneur who's used to systematising processes, understanding the sleep cycle is akin to optimising a business model.

What is the difference in deep sleep and REM sleep stages?

Deep sleep focuses on physical recovery, while REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is when brain activity is most intense, crucial for mental health and processing emotions.

Factors to consider:

  • Deep Sleep: Focus on sleep habits, ensure a dark, cool environment, and consider sleep medicine if necessary.
  • REM Sleep: Ensure a consistent sleep schedule and limit external stimuli before bedtime. Also, understanding what REM stands for - Rapid Eye Movement - highlights its importance in processing daily events and emotions.

Can you have too much REM sleep?

Like any other sleep stage, an excess of REM can be an indicator of an underlying issue and should be addressed with a sleep medicine specialist.

Disorders in REM sleep stages

Disorders in the REM stage can lead to sleep deprivation, affecting both physical and mental health. Common disorders include REM sleep behaviour disorder and narcolepsy. Regular monitoring, like through the Oura ring, can help in early detection.

Closing thoughts on the Oura ring

In the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship, where every minute counts, the Oura Ring presents a refreshing perspective on health and wellness. Sleep, often relegated to the back burner in the hustle and bustle of scaling businesses, emerges as the unsung hero. A night of quality sleep is the elixir for rejuvenation, the catalyst that amplifies productivity, creativity, and resilience. For the passionate entrepreneur, understanding and optimizing sleep is not a luxury—it's a necessity.

Your Next Steps

Ready to elevate your sleep game? We've put together a comprehensive sleep checklist tailored for entrepreneurs. Optimize your nights, energize your days. You can download it here.