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At Peakclub we have now been able to help more than 300+ entrepreneurs to break through this with our unique Quantified-Self System™ based on data and biohacking, so that you can keep your focus on scaling up your business

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Alex Thompson

Founder Atcxnsulting

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Maarten Gruson

I'm the 0.1% now

Peakclub, what a team...Don't want to be arrogant but I was already pretty good with my sleep, nutrition and work routines. But after 30 days in the program they optimized everything. It's crazy what a different person I am now, I feel stronger, healthier, happier and of course wealthier.If you want to be the 0,1% on this earth, buy the damn program...

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Tom van den Bosch

Founder DaimoonMedia

Jorn is a very disciplined guy who has a lot of knowledge on how to optimize. Even if you're already advanced with routines, efficiency, nutrition and biohacking, he can put a scoop on top of it and take you to the next level. Period.By his help, we actually further optimized my morning routine from 10 minutes back to 4 minutes on average. Everything is super streamlined what is helping me to experience a lot more flow. Not even started on how the food delegation service opened my eyes in terms of food efficiency: Extremely healthy and optimized food for me, tasted amazing and it was super quick to consume on top of that.10/10! If you're still reading this. You're wasting precious minutes that Jorn can earn back for you, so I can only recommend getting started.

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Frank Dionisius

Owner Franklyconnect

From day 1 to this day I am so happy that I took the step to work with Jorn... With his personal approach, amount of knowledge and the structure in his program, he helped me to work with more energy , focus and fun to experience my entrepreneurship.

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Kamal Kasumov

My experience with Jorn and Peakclub is really great. From the start you are warmly welcomed and you instantly get provided with practical tips and tricks with big ROI.

Over the course you learn more and more things which you can imply in your life as an entrepeneur.

Right now I wake up energised and I feel this energy throughout the whole day.Not only is this an investment in yourself at the moment, but it is also an investment for you your whole life. For your whole life you can apply the knowledge you learned from Peakclub.

I recommend!

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Before I started working with Jorn, my private life and work were in great chaos. Jorn has been able to teach me a lot, especially with regard to structure and productivity. By following Jorn's advice, I create much more inner peace, which means that I am also much more productive.

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Sophie Rake

Sales Developer

A lot of knowledge and a lot of confidence. Jorn asks really good questions, so that you come up with solutions yourself. In addition, they help you find the route to this solution. Get to know yourself, give confidence and build in peace. Exactly what is needed for the top!

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Philip Ecom

All the info and tools to make the most of your day and to keep your energy high as an entrepreneur. For those who want to go next level.

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Tom Baltus

Great service, al lot of knowledge and they know how to implement it as well!

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Jani Gysels

Freelance Agency

Had a great experience. They know a lot about productivity, sleep and bio-hacking. What I liked the most of the frequent feedback loops and personal plan.

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Nathan Harlaar

Owner Balzy

I started at Jorn half a year ago as a coach. I started the journey because as an entrepreneur I have put my company on 1 for the past 2 years. The result was that I did too much at once, was not productive and did not always exercise consistently. Jorn helped me with structure, sleep & health. It is far from perfect, but if I compare it to six months ago, I have grown enormously. Jorn knows a lot about health & structure, and gives positive feedback that you can really use. Recommended for entrepreneurs who want to grow in several areas!

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Eli Boogerd

Business coach

Perfect program. Aside from the fact that I started making way more money since I joined, my focus and work-ethic 5X'ed. The Peakclub boys know exactly what they're doing.

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Alex Mulder

Life changing. Peakclub helped me a lot to take my business to the next level through productivity. I recommend everyone to sign up here, if you want to achieve success that is.

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Bink de Kievit


Improved my focus within 1 week. Perfect communication with loads of tips. Everything I hoped for!

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Christian la Brijn

Content Manager Electrify Video Partners

Not comparable. What information and value that Jorn has is not normal. I've had several coaches in different areas, but this puts everything on the left. You can't put a price on the value Jorn gives you. This is literally life-changing if you stick to it. Not a simple do this do that but clearly focused on improving YOUR life business and private.

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Andries van der Werff

van der Werff Controlling

Biggest ROI on my investment portfolio in 2023.

With my business I need to be creative and my brains is is responsible for the output.

"Controlling my mind makes money for me."

I achieved big improvements based on my oura stats after implementing the sleeping tips of Jamar, fixed my home screen with the tips of Jorn and got the tip from Stephan to quit caffeine and start a dopamine detox.

I never achieved 2 hours+ of REM-sleep in my life before and 81% of effective sleep.
Big hug from the finance guy of Friesland.

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Rik Schippers

Owner TRL fulfilment

What a structure! Wonderful to work with Jorn. Nothing is too crazy to discuss and even the smallest details are considered. This helps me a lot in my ultimate goal to make our company as big as possible. Thanks Jorn!

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Arsham Sharafat

I have a very pleasant collaboration with Jorn. You really notice that he has a lot of knowledge about what he guides you in. The way of coaching is also result-oriented, so I have achieved many results in my personal but also in my business life! It really makes me feel better in my own skin. If you want to optimize your rhythm of life, both business and private, Jorn is the best coach for this!

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Jimmy Middendorp


PeakClub is the number 1 place in the Netherlands where I, as an entrepreneur, am sure to get the best ins and outs about productivity, health and performance. Apart from the fact that the people behind PeakClub are incredibly beautiful people, I really appreciate the openness and transparency in sharing information. all their knowledge without a filter. A company that will change the world. Thankful that I can see that happen up close! Proud of you men!

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Daan Bosch

At first, I was a little sceptical...I mean saving more than 20 hours in a week? Like how would that even be possibleBut after a great training about Peak performance, I thought why not?I started the Peak program with Jorn about 3 months ago, and I have never exceeded so much in my business and as a person...Literally worked about 80 hours a week to 30 now... Because of clear systems, the right implementations, and delegating my health to peak in my life.I just want to give a small “Thank You” back for all the hard work and support and am happy to impact more people thanks to Peak Club!

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Bas Bergisch

A next level experience! Bizarre what a coach can do with you in terms of: your mental state, providing structure and understanding your emotions. Three things that I myself was not always aware that I had problems with. The coaching sessions really helped me to understand myself better and to break through bad patterns and obstacles. I am very grateful to Jorn for this!

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Raoul van der Meulen


Top experience in which I learned a lot about the different elements and how sleep determines performance during the rest of your day. I would recommend every entrepreneur to start working at Jorn to become aware of how important it is to be able to organize the time you have as efficiently as possible by means of biohacking. Thanks Jorn and see you again soon!‍

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Wouter Stegeman

Founder Zelf Leads Genereren

"Jorn is the professional you need when it comes to optimizing your health and energy as an entrepreneur. Highly recommended!"

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Pirasanth Balasingam

Ecommerce Owner

I have been a member of Peakclub for 3 months now. I've made a lot of progress since the first month. My sleep quality doubled within 1 week with the right tips. I work much more effectively and smarter.

Thanks to peakclub I was able to formulate my vision 100% clearly. Which got me motivated again. They also help me very well with training and nutrition + Jamar's accountability is top. I get a mirror from him every week and that is confrontational for yourself, but exactly what I need for growth.

I myself recently extended my trajectory by half a year. Because for me it is 100% worth the investment and I have already earned it back. So definitely recommended!

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Daniël Buil

Sales manager New Age

From our first moment there was an instant click. Jorn is very empathetic and likes to adapt to your situation. So perfect coach. Highly recommended for everything regarding lifestyle advice, because Jorn has a solution for everything.

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Breur Roukens

Owner ATM Trading

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service peakclub delivers. These guys don’t disappoint. As an entrepreneur I’ve always known that sleep, nutrition and exercise were really important however now that I’ve actually started properly improving these aspects of life I notice how much of an impact it actually has on my business life and on my personal life. My overall mood is more regulated, I feel happy and energetic and for the first time in my life I actually get out of bed in the morning feeling refreshed and excited to start my day. All in all, if you’re reading these reviews because you’re hesitating about joining peakclub, just do it. It’ll be the best decision of your life, honestly.

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Julius van Bragt

Ecommerce Owner

Now working for 1 month, it's hard to work on yourself in addition to the normal things that are going on in your life. I look forward to what it will bring me in the near future.

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Mark van Kleef

High Ticket Closer

I am incredibly grateful for the incredible help I received from Jorn, Jamar and Stephan at Peakclub. As a professional in high-ticket sales, with more than 8 meetings a day that all need to be sharp and focused, I was looking for ways to optimize my performance. Their guidance on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and efficiency systems has allowed me to make remarkable improvements.

The Peakclub team carefully tailored my diet to my needs and goals. With their expert guidance, I learned which nutrients improve my energy levels and mental clarity. This has significantly increased my focus and stamina throughout the day.

They've also helped me optimize my sleep habits, which is critical for recovery and cognitive function. Thanks to valuable insights into sleeping practices and strategies, I wake up fully rested in the morning, which has a huge impact on my alertness during meetings.

In addition, the team supported me in developing a tailor-made training program. Exercising regularly has increased my energy levels and reduced stress levels. Efficient training methods allow me to make the most of my time and improve my performance.

They have also helped me implement efficiency systems in my daily routine. This has increased my productivity and reduced distractions, allowing me to focus better on important tasks.

Since working with Peakclub I have already noticed significant improvements in energy, mental clarity, focus and stamina. I am very pleased with the results achieved, but we will continue to A/B test to further maximize my potential.

I am extremely grateful for the personal guidance and dedication of Jorn, Jamar and Stephan. They have not only improved my performance, but also my well-being. I highly recommend Peakclub to anyone looking to optimize their performance and get the most out of their potential. The Peakclub team is ready to guide you to success and help you become the best version of yourself.

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Nathan de Veer

Mindset Coach

Had a great experience with good honest feedback to take the next steps. Definitely recommend this for entrepreneurs

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Thijs Verlangen

Verlangen Finance

Jorn is a very good coach. Really knows a lot about health and performance. I was already well on my way, but he still had a lot of points for improvement that I am now implementing with results!

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